Training Programmes

“A single member of staff who does not demonstrate an adequate level of knowledge, understanding or occupational competence, has the potential to cause a detainee neglect or suffering and in the worst case scenario, death.”

 Quote from:  ’Authorised Professional Practice - Detention and Custody’ issued by the College of Policing


In September 2013 ’Authorised Professional Practice (APP) for Detention and Custody’ was introduced by the College of Policing. This new doctrine  supersedes in its entirety the ACPO & NPIA document ’Guidance on the Safer Detention and Handling of Persons in Police Custody’ and creates specific requirements for staff and management who have responsibility for the safety and welfare of detainees. However, despite the recent changes, the APP doctrine retains the overriding ethos of the Safer Detention guidance - that being, the introduction of necessary protections and safeguards for the public and for staff operating within the custodial environment.

In addition to possessing an understanding of the detailed legislation relevant to the role, staff employed within the custodial environment must fully understand the content of this guidance, their ‘Duty of Care’ responsibilities and their obligation to comply with The European Convention on Human Rights.

At Safer Detention Solutions Ltd, we recognise the importance of effective training and in its absence, the inevitable consequences of a workforce that lacks both the awareness and the required skills to perform this demanding role. We understand that organisations who have taken the important decision to invest in training, need to see tangible benefits for those detained, their organisation and their employees. With this in mind, Safer Detention Solutions Ltd are able to provide tailor made Initial and Refresher training for Custody Detention Officers supported by our E-learning Continuing Professional Development programme.

We are also able to design and deliver bespoke training packages in response to identified customer needs. All of the following training programmes are compliant with current legislation, Authorised Professional Practice and where relevant, the requirements of the national Custody Officer Learning Programme (COLP):-