Custody Detention Officer Foundation Course

This four week course is designed to meet the requirements of Custody Detention Officers employed either directly by police forces, or by the Private Security Industry contracted to work in the police custodial environment.

The course not only meets the requirements of The College of Policing ‘Detention and Custody Learning Programme 2015’, but also forms an integral part of our development programme, which can culminate in a Skills for Justice Awards Level 4 Certificate qualification. The Level 4 “Certificate in Understanding Police Custody”, has been two years in development and demonstrates our commitment to provide the best training for the benefit of both the student and the end user. 

Course content includes:- 

  • Tuition relating to all relevant legislation, including Part IV PACE 1984 and the relevant Codes of Practice
  • Training in compliance with ’Authorised Professional Practice’ (Detention & Custody) & (Mental Health) issued by the College of Policing 
  • A detailed examination of the role of the Custody Detention Officer and their ‘Duty of Care’ under Health & Safety legislation.
  • Training to meet staff’s legal obligation under the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007.
  • All Risk Assessment processes and subsequent Care and Release Plans
  • Communication Skills to defuse and manage conflict
  • Initial First Aid training
  • Initial Control & Restraint training
  • How to respond to Adverse Incidents, deaths in custody and their subsequent impact on the role of the Custody Detention Officer

The course is classroom based and incorporates practical exercises designed to both consolidate the learning and to enable the students to apply their knowledge and skills.

Following the successful completion of the final day’s practical assessment within a fully equipped custody suite, students are provided with a specifically designed development portfolio to take with them into the workplace. Here, student CDOs will spend several weeks with a mentor, being assessed against standards which reflect the required knowledge and skills. Students will complete their portfolios with evidence supporting their competence, prior to being ‘signed off’ as suitable to perform the role.

The programme satisfies the requirements for ‘Adequate Training’ under The Police Reform Act 2002, and enables Chief Officers to designate students as Custody Detention Officers.

The whole programme is underpinned with additional instruction and knowledge obtained from our own E-learning Continuing Professional Development section on our website. (Please see the separate section on our Homepage for more details)