Control & Restraint Training for Custody Staff

The three day course provides students with the knowledge and skills to communicate effectively with detainees and, where required, to apply appropriate control and restraint techniques.

The Control and Restraint Training Programme is designed to provide students with the knowledge, understanding and skills to enable them to discharge their duties in a safe and effective manner when dealing with situations involving conflict and non-compliant detainees.  

The programme will enable organisations to ensure their staff receive the appropriate initial training, followed by the mandatory requirement to refresh their knowledge and skills on an annual basis. The annual refresher training programme requires a two day input.
The programme’s learning outcomes are designed to exceed the requirements of both the ACPO - now NPCC(2012) Personal Safety Manual of Guidance, and the ACPO -now NPCC (2009) Guidance on Personal Safety Training referenced within the latest Authorised Professional Practice, issued by the College of Policing. Compliance with the Police & Criminal Evidence Act (PACE) 1984 and the related codes of practice is also ensured. The learning outcomes can be enhanced to accommodate local force policies and procedures.
Throughout the programme, students are supported by our own web based E-learning Continuing Professional Development (CPD) system where they receive twelve monthly Control & Restraint tutorials covering the entire syllabus. At the conclusion the course, each student’s performance is assessed against National Occupational Standards before they return to the workplace. 
Where the three day course is delivered as part of the Foundation CDO Training Course, students will also be required to complete the relevant section of their competency portfolio with their assigned mentors. Successful completion of the section will evidence their ability to perform Control & Restraint interventions to National Occupational Standards.
As stated, students will then retrain and re-qualify during their annual two day Control & Restraint refresher training.