Continuing Professional Development

The very nature of the work undertaken within the Custodial Care environment, places high demands on those entrusted with the wellbeing of detainees. Staff will need to be vigilant and diligent at all times especially when dealing with more vulnerable individuals.

In addition to receiving comprehensive training, it is essential that your employees are provided with the most recent and up to date information to assist them with both their role and their personal development. For example, information relating to;-

  • Changes and updates to legislation and The Codes of Practice
  • Actions necessary to reduce staff exposure to danger
  • Identified ‘Trends’ for Self Harm among detainees
  • Lessons learned from Adverse Incidents across the sector
  • Recommendations from the IPCC and HMIC
  • Health and Safety guidance
  • First Aid
  • Officer Safety (C&R)
  • Medical Conditions
  • Best Practice

The above list is not exhaustive but indicates how E-learning and CPD can provide significant benefits for staff employed to perform this challenging role.

There is now a concerted effort by The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) and the Home Office to ensure all police forces in England and Wales adhere to ’Authorised Professional Practice - Detention and Custody’ issued by the College of Policing.

Particular attention should be paid to the Introduction section of the guidance which outlines the requirements for training provision…

“There must be continuing access to refresher training and learning opportunities while in post.”


“In addition to formal training, staff retain individual responsibility for their own professional and personal development.”

Equally important is the introduction of the Corporate Manslaughter & Corporate Homicide Act 2007. Managers and leaders within both the public and private sectors now face new challenges in order to comply with strict legislation designed to ensure that organisations can be held accountable for the death of their employees and individuals in their care.

With the introduction of our E-learning and CPD system, Safer Detention Solutions Ltd. believe that we are now able to provide our customers with a system that exceeds the requirements of ’Authorised Professional Practice - Detention and Custody’, whilst satisfying two very distinct objectives;-

  1. To provide staff with the most up to date and relevant information to enable them to develop and perform more efficiently and effectively in a safer environment.
  2. To enable you our customer to provide this information in a cost effective package, with the ability to monitor and record the information supplied to, and read by your staff.

By combining these objectives, we believe that the system will make a significant contribution towards helping to reduce the number of Adverse Incidents occurring within the custodial environment. In doing so, the system will provide your organisation with ‘A Safe System of Work’ as stipulated by the Act, along with the clear benefits of enabling your staff to develop.

How will the system work?

Each member of staff will have their own “My Profile” page which will include details relating to their posting, their Refresher Training dates, their Line Manager and their record of learning.


The E-learning and CPD system is flexible and can be utilised as an integral part of the annual Professional Development Review process undertaken between your Management and their staff.

Customer quotes

“Safer Detention Solutions Ltd have designed and operate a bespoke E-learning and Continuing Professional Development website for our company and it’s staff. The website enables our organisation to provide our Custody Detention Officers with the ability to access up to date and relevant information relating to recent legislation, Adverse Incidents and procedures to assist them with their role.
The system also provides our staff with access to vital, real time information which facilitates their development, and enables them to carry out their role in a safe and professional manner.”

Senior Operations Manager Custody Services

“I find the C.P.D. system extremely useful. It is easy to use and has helped me enormously with my role”

Custody Detention Officer