Who are we?

Safer Detention Solutions Ltd was established in 2007 with one aim:-

“To assist Public and Private Sector organisations to reduce the number of Adverse Incidents and deaths involving their detainees.”

To achieve this aim, the company works closely with its customers to:

  • Design quality training packages to equip staff with the necessary skills to identify risks and provide the appropriate level of care for detainees.
  • Ensure that the training packages and services provided comply with the most recent changes to custodial related legislation and guidance.
  • Manage the delivery of these training packages and provide the best possible training, using only suitably qualified and experienced trainers.
  • Design bespoke training programmes to meet your specific requirements.
  • ‘Train your Trainers’.
  • Support and protect your organisation and staff with Continuing Professional Development, backed up by a record management system.
  • Provide a consultancy service to enable our customers to update their policies and procedures in line with ’Authorised Professional Practice’ issued by the College of Policing.
  • Assist the Private Sector with their tendering processes.
  • Encourage individuals and organisations to share information relating to Adverse Incidents and noteworthy practices.

We provide these services through a set of essential and steadfast values that include openness, integrity, confidentiality and quality.

Our People

We are proud of the fact that all our managers, trainers and associates are well qualified and experienced in this critical area of training and consultancy.

All our people have relevant and recent experience working within, and training staff to work in the custodial sector, and as such, we are in an enviable position to offer the best training and advice to our clients.

Indeed, we are committed to using only suitably qualified, occupationally competent and experienced people so that we can achieve our aims with a high degree of confidence and client satisfaction.

We insist that our people possess a wide range of academic and vocational qualifications, as well as relevant practical experience in the custodial environment.

In 2009 our classroom based training course, portfolio led development package and web based *Continuing Professional Development system were recommended as ‘Best Practice’ by the National Policing Improvement Agency (NPIA), following a review of Custodial Care provision across the 43 police forces throughout England and Wales.

The authors of our training packages have over 25 years experience of training both Custody Officers and Custody Detention Officers, and have contributed to the ‘Custody Officer’s Manual’ published by Blackstone’s Oxford University Press.

Safer Detention Solutions Ltd is focused on providing the finest training available using the best resources, equipment and facilities. We only use experienced and qualified trainers who are competent at facilitating the development of your staff.

*Our CPD system is only available via a secure and password protected section of our website.